AMADEUS is launching his music career.

Let's get him a record deal.


Listen to AMADEUS:


AMADEUS is not just a memecoin.

He produces music and is the first doge ever to release a track on all major streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.).

Lots of people hate memecoins. But they love music.

Let's get AMADEUS onto the charts so the haters can't ignore this pupper.

Smol dog,
big plans


Phase 1 - Complete

Fair launch the liquidity pool.

Build our community on Telegram and X.

Reward early supporters and community members with airdrops to increase token distribution and ownership.

Phase 2 - Complete

First Single Release: AMADEUS officially become the first memecoin music artist on May 3rd, 2024!

pHASE 3 - In progress

We launch AMADEUS as a decentralized music artist. The community suggests and picks the artists who we collab with, the genres we make and the samples we use.

CMC & CG Listing.

AMADEUS will begin production of an extended play (EP) release.


AMADEUS grows to compete with mainstream music artists. We don't stop until we the first memecoin to break the charts.

CEX Listing.

Collaboration with A-List music artists.


Blockchain: Solana
Tax: 0/0 - he don’t do dat shit
LP: Burned + Ownership Revoked
Supply: 500,000,069


Token Distribution:
70% - Liquidity Pool (Fair Launch)
20% - Marketing
10% - Dev // Producer

How to Buy AMADEUS

You can currently buy AMADEUS on Raydium. CEX listings are planned for the future.

  • 1

    Download Phantom Wallet

  • 2

    Add Solana to your wallet

  • 3

    Buy AMADEUS on Raydium using Solana



AMADEUS is an underdoge. But he gots talent. He gots grit. And he's now releasing music under his name on Spotify and other major platforms.

Will AMADEUS make me rich?

hek ya. But we are focusing on building a music-loving community who want a taste of releasing a chart hit and building this dawg's music career.

Why join AMADEUS?

We are getting our lil fren onto the mainstream charts.

Now imagine being able to say you were behind it. You had your say on song decisions. You chose what sample to be used. You chose the singer of which whom AMADEUS produced for. Is that something you might be interested in?

No crypto memecoin has ever released a popular song on mainstream streaming platforms. If you want to join our community-based record label and be a part of this memecoin revolution, join us!

Are there NFT airdrops?

NFTs are reserved for the OGs. NFT airdrops occur at significant milestones, which can be proudly shown as proof of being an early adopter of AMADEUS.

We have currently released two limited edition NFTs. Further NFT drops to be announced in the future.

I don't like to read...

No problem. We are getting featured on Crypto YouTube:

RUN A label

AMADEUS is a community-driven record label. Have your say in what we do and who we sign.

Be a producer

Help with production decisions. The AMADEUS community can even upload their own sound samples for use in tracks if the community likes it.

Listening paRTies

To celebrate the launch of our songs, community members will have access to pre-launch listening parties.


There will be some airdrops for our community, especially those that help us on our journey to have an AMADEUS-branded song break into the mainstream charts.